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PE-RT pipe consists of 3 layers which is made up of an oxygen barrier (EVOH), a layer of adhesive, and an inner layer of pert pipe.

The oxygen diffusion barrier encases the inner layer of PE-RT pipe completely to prevent the entry of oxygen into the heating system through the pipe. The tough outer layer is designed to withstand the demands of a worksite ensuring the oxygen barrier remains intact, which reduces the risk of corrosion within the heating system.

Key Features:

Very easy to bend
High heat transfer
Lightweight and easier to handle than multilayer pert-al-pert pipe
Perfectly suited for EPS overlay boards
Cannot be used above 70°C making it suited for underfloor heating
Not for domestic plumbing, made best for underfloor heating systems


Lightweight and ultra-flexible, EVOH Pert barrier pipe is the ideal solution for large installations where the absence of a metal layer makes it less taxing to bend and install than Pert-Al-Pert pipe without sacrificing performance.

Our 12mm EVOH pert pipe is manufactured to ISO9001 standards ensuring outstanding performance & reliability in all types of warm water underfloor heating systems.





12mm x 1.6mm PE-RT PIPE (Plastic Red) 3 layer EVOH-320m

SKU: ZL-PEP12320
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