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  • Enhanced functionality. Our 22mm 2 port motorised zone valve head is designed to efficiently control the flow of water in central heating systems, reducing energy consumption and enhancing overall performance.
  • Exceptional build quality. Constructed with high grade materials, this motorised zone valve head ensures prolonged durability and exceptional resistance to wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Easy installation. With its universal fit, the 22mm 2 port motorised zone valve head can be easily installed in existing central heating systems without requiring specialized tools or extensive technical know how.
  • Compact and efficient. Despite its compact size, this 22mm 2 port motorised valve head offers powerful performance. It features an energy efficient motor, capable of effectively controlling the water flow even under high pressure.
  • Versatile compatibility. It's designed to be compatible with most central heating systems and boilers in the market. This valve head adapts effortlessly to different models, making it a flexible choice for various applications.
  • High precision control. The valve head allows for precise control of water flow, maintaining optimal temperature levels across different zones of your heating system, ensuring comfortable living and working environments.
  • Safe and reliable. The valve head is designed with safety in mind. Its robust construction and fail safe features ensure that your heating system remains safe and reliable, reducing the risk of leaks and breakdowns.
  • Cost effective solution. Our 22mm 2 port motorised zone valve head not only boosts the efficiency of your heating system but also reduces your energy bills, making it a cost effective solution for temperature control in your home or business.
  • Leading technology. Incorporating the latest advancements in hvac technology, our 22mm 2 port motorised zone valve head delivers superior performance, ensuring efficient and effective heat distribution in your premises.

2 Port motorised Zone Valve Head 22mm Closed 230v

SKU: ZL-2131
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