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  • Innovative dual-action formula: The Fernox F9 Protector + Filter Fluid Express 400ml combines both system protection and filtration in one product, providing a comprehensive solution to system maintenance. The unique formula is designed to prevent corrosion and limescale buildup, which helps to improve overall system efficiency.
  • Compatibility with all system materials and types: Whether your system utilizes metals, plastics, or composites, the Fernox F9 Protector is designed to be universally compatible. This versatility extends to different system types, including those with mixed metals and those operating under indirect or direct circulation.
  • Easy-to-use express dose canister: A key feature of the Fernox F9 Protector + Filter Fluid Express is its convenient 400ml canister. This "express dose" packaging allows for quick and easy application, typically within 30 seconds, which can be carried out while the heating system is running - reducing downtime.
  • Enhanced magnetic filtration performance: The product is formulated to enhance magnetic filtration, working effectively with all known system filters. This characteristic helps to maintain system cleanliness, reducing the likelihood of blockages and breakdowns, thus extending the lifespan of your system.
  • Environmentally friendly: The Fernox F9 Protector + Filter Fluid Express 400ml is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and fully biodegradable, underlining Fernox's commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly aspect of the product does not compromise its effectiveness, providing high-quality system protection while respecting the environment.
  • Maintains system efficiency: By inhibiting corrosion and scale, the Fernox F9 Protector can help to maintain the efficiency of your heating system. This leads to improved heat transfer, potential energy savings, and a reduction in maintenance costs over time.
  • Extended system life: Regular use of the Fernox F9 Protector + Filter Fluid Express 400ml can extend the lifespan of your heating system. By preventing damage from corrosion and limescale, the product helps to keep your system running smoothly and reduces the need for expensive repairs or replacements.
  • Complies with bs7593:2019 and en inhibitors standards: The Fernox F9 Protector + Filter Fluid Express meets the requirements of the British Standard Bs7593:2019 for the treatment of water in domestic hot water central heating systems, as well as European Norm (en) inhibitor standards. This compliance ensures that the product meets rigorous quality and performance standards.

Fernox F9 Express Protector and Filter Fluid 400ml Designed for Use with TF1

SKU: FER-62310
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