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  • Designed for use with Fernox Tf1 in line system filters or other similar filters, this unique inhibitor package includes an active dispersant which is proven to aid the safe collection of corrosion, debris and scale via a filter.
  • The Protector Plus Filter Fluid F9 enhances the performance of a system filter whilst offering full protection against corrosion and scale formation. This innovative, proven formulation also extends system life and maintains optimum efficiency, while still being an environmentally friendly formulation.
  • Concentration levels should be checked as part of the annual maintenance system service. Unique inhibitor package with dispersant designed to lift and deliver circulating debris in the system to a system filter for safe collection and removal.
  • Must be used only in conjunction with a system filter, provides premium protection against corrosion and scale in mixed metal heating and cooling systems, including aluminium.
  • Designed to be left in the system permanently. Treats up to 130 litres of system water or 16 radiators and the equivalent of 250m of underfloor systems.
  • Prevents scale and corrosion formation. Innovative, best in class formulation optimises efficiency and extends system lifespan. With next working day delivery.

Fernox F9 Plus Filter Fluid Central Heating Protector 500ml for 16 Radiators

SKU: FER-62234
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