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  • The Heatmiser Boost is a repeater designed to extend the communication distance of the Wireless 868MHz thermostats/UH8-RF wiring centre.
  • The Boost repeater requires 230v Live & Neutral supply.
  • The Boost does not need to be paired to any devices on the system, the Boost only requires a 230v power supply.
  • The repeater will detect any signals that are being transmitted, and boost this onto the receiver.
  • The Heatmiser Boost will extend the signal reach your Neo or RF thermostats if the signal keeps being lost or dropping out.
  • The Heatmiser Boost is ideal for larger properties or any installation where the signal being received at the unit is low.
  • The Heatmiser Boost is an alternative repeater to the neoPlug, designed to extend the communication distance between neoStats.

Heatmiser Boost Works with both the Neo & RF Range to extend your controls range

£54.30 Regular Price
£40.73Sale Price
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