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• 1200x600mm (0.72m²) 20mm Thickness

• Suitable for 15mm and 16mm Pipe

• Strong 400 kPa compressive strength

• Rapid Response aluminium coating

• Heats up in 30 to 40 minutes


Wundatherm boards can be fixed to new or existing concrete/screed or wooden floors which
must be flat, dry, level, stable & structural. Remove any loose paint or coverings. Floors must be
free from oil, grease, damp, dust and debris or any other substances that will prevent the adhesive
from adhering


Approved for Tiling Direct to Board


Simply prime the boards, then

tile directly on top. Independently tested & approved by

Mapei, ULTRA, and Norcros Adhesives.

Overlay Boards Foil Coated 200µm For For 15mm & 16mm Pipe – EPS400

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