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Water Underfloor Heating Kit Mixer

The Heatguard Underfloor Heating (UFH) Thermostatic Blending Valve is suitable for high flow rates and uses wax capsule technology to ensure stable mixed water temperatures between the boiler and the underfloor heating system.

Suitable for systems up to 250sqm, the Heatguard UFH has a quick reaction to supply temperature changes, is adjustable between 30 – 60 degrees celsius and is suitable for all floor types.


Temperature setting range: 35°C - 60°C Maximum temperature: 90°C Temperature stability: 22mm ± 2°C Temperature stability: 28mm ± 3°C Working pressure, static: 10.0 bar max Working pressure, dynamic: 6.0 bar max 0.2 bar min


Body: Cast gunmetal Internal brass components: DZR brass Seals: Nitrile elastomer Spring: Stainless steel Piston: Acudel Fittings: DZR brass


  • High flow rates - suitable for systems up to 250sqm
  • Quick reaction to supply temperature changes, keeps system temperatures stable
  • User adjustable between 30-60°C to be suitable for all types of floor
  • Compression type connections for ease of installation
  • Lockable temperature adjustment mechanism to prevent tampering

Reliance Heatguard RWC 28mm Temperature Mixer Valve for Water underfloor Heating

SKU: HEAT115002
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