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Connector Repairing Pert-Al Pert and Pex 16mm x 2mm to 16mm x 2mm.


  • The Repair Coupler Provides A Quick And Simple Solution To Repair A Damaged Section Of Underfloor Heating Pipe. A Water Underfloor Heating Pipe Repair Joint Is An Essential Component Of A Hydronic Heating System That Connects Two Sections Of Pipe Together.
  • Each Coupler Includes An Olive And Double O Ring Rubber Seal To Ensure A Secure And Watertight Finish Every Time. Repair Kit For 16mm Pert Al pex Al Pipe With 2mm Wall.
  • Joiners Consist Of Insert With o Ring Seals, Split Olive And Nut. The Joint May Become Damaged Over Time Due To Wear And Tear, High Pressure, Or Improper Installation, Leading To Leaks Or Reduced Heating Efficiency.
  • No Special Tools Required. Repairing The Joint Involves Shutting Off The Water Supply To The System, Draining The Water From The Pipes, And Removing The Damaged Section Of The Pipe.
  • A New Section Of Pipe Is Then Installed, And A Repair Joint Is Used To Connect The Two Sections Of Pipe Together. It Is Essential To Choose A Repair Joint That Is Compatible With The Type Of Pipe Being Used In The System, Such As Pex Pert, Or Cpvc.
  • Different Types Of Repair Joints Are Available, Including Compression Fittings, Push fit Fittings, And Soldered Joints, And Each Has Its Own Benefits And Drawbacks, Our's Are Compression Which We Think Are Best.
  • It Is Essential To Use The Appropriate Tools And Techniques When Installing The Repair Joint To Ensure A Secure And Leak Free Connection, Letting Your Get On With The Next Job To Hand.
  • It Is Recommended To Have A Professional Plumber Or Heating Engineer Perform The Repair To Ensure Proper Installation And Avoid Further Damage To The System.

Repair Coupling for Water Underfloor Heating Pipe 16mm Pipe Fixing Connector

SKU: ZL-9179
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