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Water Underfloor Heating Pipe Cutter for PVC Pipe PEX PEX-AL-PEX PERT-AL-PERT Cuts 10mm to 42mm

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN The ratchet-type pvc cutter adopts the ratchet drive technology to smoothly complete the cutting operation with one hand which makes cutting more labor-saving and improves work efficiency. It also ensures automatic locking during the cutting process to protect the user from the rebound of the blade.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS The ratchet pvc pipe cutter blade has a thickness of 2.5mm and is usually used for cutting most plastic (PVC, CPVC, PPR, PEX, PE, rubber hose) . After many tests,the cutting capacity up to 1-5 / 8 inches (42mm) outside diameter. This is quite convenient for your work and life. It is an essential cutting tool for home spare parts, plumbers, electricians and vehicle mechanics.
  • HIGH QUALITY Durable pvc tube cutters are made of high-quality manganese steel with good toughness and durability. Our blades are made of SK-5 steel material and are not easily broken. After Teflon treatment, the blades are not easy to rust.
  • EASY TO USE The pvc ratchet cutter handle is made of soft rubber which is more comfortable to hold, and not easy to feel painful. When you don’t use it, you can lock the security lock to save space and prevent accidental injury.

Key Features

  • Easy ratchet action
  • hold clip
  • Suitable for almost all pipes
  • Next working day stock

Suitable for pipe types

  • Pex
  • Pert
  • PVC
  • Hose

Addition Usage Information

  • Do not use it to cut metallic pipes or cable wire, which will damage your blade.
  • When using this product in winter it is advisable to put the pipe in lukewarm water to heat it, this will Avoid Burst Pipe

Water Underfloor Heating Pipe Cutter for PVC Pipe PEX PEX-AL-PEX PERT-AL-PERT Cu

SKU: ZL-1232-26-A
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